I work creatively, collaboratively, and experientially to mutually understand how you are experiencing the world as well as to explore new possibilities.

As a graduate from both the Naropa University Contemplative Psychotherapy program and Hakomi Institute, I place a high value on present moment therapy, utilizing mindfulness and somatic awareness as a guide.

Our main goal in working together is to tap into your innate strengths for living life fully with awareness, choices, and tools.


I am a contemplative and body-centered psychotherapist, utilizing a social justice and intercultural lens in my work.


With my personal experience of being an international student, a first-generation immigrant, and a parent of interracial, intercultural, and international children, I hold one’s presenting issues in the social-historical and cultural context.

Office Location:

3775 Iris Avenue, Suite 6

Boulder, CO 80301

Quddus Fujita Maus LPC
Reina Fujita Maus M.A.

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